Extreme Dumpster Diving

599.00 kr


Crazy eddy wants to tell you a secret. Extreme dumpster diving is the next big thing!!!!! Need a new laptop? The dumpster behind the water reclamation plant is a gold mine. Grab a cell phone too! Just remember to put on your wrap g sunnies first. They won’t fog up on the steamiest of heads or in the foulest of stenches.

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1 No Slip

We Use A Special Grip Coating And Temple Grips To Construct Our Frame To Help Eliminate Slippage When Your Lava-Induced Sweat Pops While Volcano Surfing.

2 No Bounce

Our Frame Is Fitted And Lightweight, With A Removable Nose-Piece And Two Sizing Options To Prevent Bouncing When You Land On Your Motorcycle Seat After Diving Out Of A Helicopter.

3 Anti-Fog

Extremely Effective Anti-Fog Coating Prevents The Inside Of This Extreme Wraparound Lens From Fogging Even With The Extremest Sweat.

4 All Polarized

Glare-Reducing, Polarized Lenses And Uv400 Protection That Blocks Those Harmful Uva And Uvb Rays.

5 All Extreme

You Might Be An Extreme Athlete, You Might Be A Pretty Average Athlete Who Is Extremely Delusional. Both Extremely Extreme Extremists Yeahhhhhaharghhhhhwooooohooooooo